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Action Dog Exercises: 

The idea of the following exercises is to give variety and spark to the daily routine of walking the dog. To many people and dogs after they have had some years of training become bored and disinterested. Whenever you present new and varied exercises on the training field you give the dog and trainer the chance to test their mettle anew and motivate them to greater adventures.
The dog and trainer learn together to master and conquer new challenges.

Teaching dogs to search for people

It is crucial to the success of these following exercises that you choose the field you plan to hold the training sessions in carefully and with a clear idea of what you want. The best type of situation would be a field that has green pastured areas, under brush, trees and thickly wooded areas. The dog trainer only has to move a short distance away and the dog is presented with a real opportunity to search for them. The course instructor must always be sure that the dog has one hundred percent chance of success when doing these types of exercises. Inexperienced dogs look for their masters in open fields while those with advanced training would have to search further and under more difficult conditions. These types of activities help greatly to increase the bond between the dog and its master.

Simple search for the dog’s master

 Have one of the dog trainers hold the leash of another dog. The master of the dog then calls out to their leashed dog (use both verbal commands as well as visible treats) as they move quickly away. They shouldn’t stop calling out to their dog as they hide behind a tree or some thin underbrush. Making sure that the dog is attentively looking in the direction of their hidden master the dog should be let off the leash with a command like “Search” (or something similar). The dog should quickly and happily head straight for the location where it last saw its master. Upon finding its master the dog should be heartily rewarded.


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