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Advice to Professional Dog Trainers & Instructors


Advice to dog instructors. 

Most of these exercises are made to be performed in open spaces and require not only ample room but also many times accessories in order to complete the exercise. The Instructor must therefore make the appropriate preparations before beginning any training courses. There are often local laws that stipulate where and under what conditions dogs are allowed to use local parks etc… It is crucial that any necessary permission be gotten prior to the commencement of any course. And any accessories be on hand or set up ready for use.

Teaching your dog to relax. 

One of the biggest problems that a course instructor will face in a training course is agitated and overly anxious dogs and dog trainers. So these following exercises are designed to help teach the team how to approach new situations calmly and in a relaxed manner.

The dog trainer will learn how to use clear objectives when training their dog without creating a stressful situation and the dog will learn to be calm and collected regardless of the situation that it finds itself in.

Dog exercises involving “Down”. 

The course instructor and the dog trainers must keep in mind that some dogs will have difficulties with these exercises. Shorthaired dogs for example will find cold hard or prickly surfaces uncomfortable. Dogs who are going through a rebellious phase or that are very conscious of hierarchy also often have problems with exercises involving the command “Down.” Also dogs that are insecure or feel threatened by the presence of other dogs will not want to assume this submissive position.
Many times the dog trainer will unnecessarily cause their dogs problems by over using this command or by pulling on their dog’s paws or leash to correct the position of the dog’s body. The best thing for the dog trainer to do when their dog is in the “Down” position is simply leave it alone and stand still and relaxed to the side.


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