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Basic dog obedience training Training & Teaching the SIT command


All obedience training should take place in sessions of not more than a few minutes twice or three times a day. If too drawn out or complicated your dog will become bored and learn to dislike his training times.
Although every breed matures differently, generally at the age of 1, most dogs are ready to get obedience trained. It’s important to know that training sessions are not play times because the objective is for the dog to learn the importance of what you are going to teach him. Start out a few times a day for a few minutes each time and remember to complement your dog whenever it does what you have asked him to. After training sessions, you can then play with your dog, because this will also help teach him that after doing what he is told, you will play along with him and praise him. 

Teaching a dog “Sit”

Sitting is a pretty natural position for a dog, which makes it a little easier to teach it to a dog. After the ending of a lot of training sessions a dog will be asked to “sit” so he can receive his treat, which is given to a dog after every time he obeys. At the beginning all you need to do is give the order in a commanding tone and lightly pull the leash upwards and at the same time push down on the dogs back with one hand – making the dog sit on his hind legs only. If the dog were to lie down on both his legs, repeat the whole session again until he does it correctly. Practice this exercise a few minutes a couple times a day. The first time as you tell your dog “sit” push down on his back forcing him to sit down for a few seconds. If he stands up in the middle of this, push on his back again and say, “sit”, this will teach him he can only get up when you say so. Another way of teaching a dog to “sit” is by asking the dog to “sit” after he has been doing strenuous physical activity and is tired, generally, this command will be something nice for him.


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