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Beagle Puppy Dog


Originating from Great Britain, the Beagle dog breed’s history isn’t quite clear. Small hunting dogs used for tracking rabbits have been used for centuries in the British Isles. They are a mix of various dogs. They are used by hunters, either by themselves or in small packs. During Henry VIII and Elizabeth I reign there were the hard hair Beagle that was a lot smaller than the one we have today. Some being so small they could be carried in their master’s cape pocket.They are muscular, compact dogs; well proportioned and reliable. In England their voice is well recognized when barking, since it sounds harmonious (especially when hunting) which is why they are called “Singing Beagle”.

Character of the Beagle
They are very restless and lively; which can be an excellent companion, however it tends to bark too much. They need plenty of exercise or they will get too noisy. They must be left alone for long periods of time.

Characteristics of the Beagle

  • Size: 33 to 38 cm or under 33 cm; depending on the variety.
  • If over 38 cm they disqualify from competing, however in England up to 40 cm are allowed. Long ago there was the Beagle Elizabeth, which was under 33 cm.
  • Nowadays one is born in some litters.
  • Weight: 9 to 15 kg
  • Color: all the Hound kind colors
  • Coat: short, smooth & thick


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