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Bobtail Puppy Dog


This old English sheepdog hasn’t a determined history. Among its ancestors, the Bobtail Dog has plenty of European breeds including the Russian Lebrel, the Italian Mastiff and the Collie or the Japanese bobtail. They are excellent sheepdogs; but they are also very good companions, retrievers, guards and sledge dogs. Their vision is hindered by their coat, but they make up with their sense of smell and hearing. Their official name is “Old English Sheepdog”, but they are known as “Bobtail”, because in the old days their tails were cut off so they weren’t confused as luxury dogs by tax collectors. Today, must puppies are born without a tail. In the US they are nicknamed “Nanny Dog” for the predisposition to care for and protect children as well as they did with cattle.

Characteristics of the Bobtail

  • Size: male 61 cm; female 56 cm
  • Weight: 30 to 40 kg

Color: when they are born, the puppies are white and black. Once they are full grown their head, neck, belly and front extremities are white, while the rest of their body is gray or grayish blue.

Coat: Dense, rough to the touch, wavy but without curls. They have a waterproof undercoat. They need regular brushing. Their hair can be slightly cut in the summer to avoid bothersome heat. The excess hair over the eyes can be tied up.

Character of the Bobtail: They are intelligent and docile. They take very good care of children and is very affectionate with their family. It isn’t recommended to be left at an animal shelter when going on vacations they are affected by it and feel rejected. Although it is a very good dog they have a strong character, which needs early training in a strict way so they know who is in control.


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