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Border Collie Dog Breed Information


This English breed is a descendant of herding dogs introduced into Scotland by the invading Vikings. A fantastic working dog that is able to control any herd or pack. The Border Collie is famous for its ability to not only maneuver sheep herds but also to keep them in line and from straying off just with its powerful stare. A very stable, intelligent, alert and easily trainable dog, this breed is often seen competing in a number of different areas. The Border Collie is a dog that needs lots of access to fresh air and wide open spaces. When confined inside a house for to long this dog becomes restless and uncontrollable.

Exercise: As a work dog it needs lots of good vigorous exercise but can also do well being walked. If you want your Border Collie to be happy and healthy it is best that you give it plenty of intense play time that includes running out doors.


Specialized care: Must be brushed and groomed regularly as it has a thick undercoat. It is good to keep the hair between its toes on its paws trimmed short and keep a good eye on its inner ears.

Minimum height:

  • Male: 45 to 50 centimeters
  • Female: 40 to 45 centimeters

Appropriate for: This breed is not really meant to live in the city or to be a companion dog. The Border Collie does best in the country or in situations where it is a work partner. Can do well in family households but almost always forms a bond with one person that it then respects over all the others. They are very good with children as they are patient and gentle with them and also get along well with other animals.


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