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Bouviers Des Flandres Dog Breed Information


In its country of origin, it was known to carry merchandise, by pulling small wagons.

Height, weight: from 57 to 69 cm. high. But its weight is 40 kg.

Fur, color: long, thick hair, it should never feel soft. It’s color is grayish-blackish, tawny and crammed together.

Appropriate for: calm people who look for a, more or less, peaceful dog. It prefers to live in a house with a yard, but won’t mind living in its owners apartment, in the city.
Not Appropriate for: those who have a “strong hand” with dogs.

As a member of the family: it adapts itself very well to a family.

Breed’s character: austere and calm, very alert, vigilant and dependent of its owner. Is a good guardian of the family. Learns to obey immediately, if not treated in a “tyrannical” manner.

Common sicknesses: possible hip disorders, only in some cases.

Life expectancy: up to 12 years.


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