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Boxer Dog Breed Information


The Boxer was bred specifically with the intent of bringing all of the best characteristics of guard dogs into one single breed. The result is a dog that is intelligent, obedient, strong, brave and ferocious if the situation demands it. This breed has the distinction of being the first to ever be trained and used for police work, the military and as Seeing Eye dogs. In the last few decades the Boxer has become known more and more as a companion dog due to is fun and playful nature and the fact that it rarely becomes aggressive unless it is necessary.

Exercise: Very playful this breed enjoys running, jumping and playing fetch. It needs long walks and time to run free and without sufficient vigorous exercise it will quickly become overweight and depressed.

Specialized care: Naturally a very clean dog it is normally only necessary to brush its coat once in a while to keep it looking good. It must have its tail docked at the third vertebra and this is usually done within the first couple of weeks of birth. It is important that the Boxer have regular check ups at the veterinarian with a special emphasis on its teeth. Must be kept warm and doesn’t do well in humid conditions.

Minimum height:

  • Male: 57 to 63 centimeters and 30 kilos
  • Female: 53 to 59 centimeters and 25 kilos

Appropriate for: Despite its fierce appearance and its use as a both a guard dog and attack dog, the Boxer has a stable character and is smart, loyal and gentle with children. They respond well to training.


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