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Bringing a puppy home


Having a pet in your home that is capable of showing happiness, affection and vitality to your family is something that is becoming more and more of a need these days. But in order for the relationship between a human and a dog be a good one, it’s indispensable that the dog be taken well care of, is trained, fed, etc. in the best way possible. This of course is true for all dogs whether the dog be a mix, or pure breed because all dogs no matter where they come from, are able to show immense amounts of affection and the only thing they ask in return is to be well taken care of.

Problems and joys of having a dog: Raising a dog as a pet is something to be proud about. Having a dog brings company to your home as well as fun and it’s an incentive to do exercise. Besides this, it turns into the center of attention of the family. Remember though, that having a dog requires a lot of future responsibilities. Therefore it’s important to ask oneself if you and your family are truly ready to embark on this mission. Do you have the time to take good care of your dog daily? Are you ready to learn how to train a dog? Are you aware of the expense that having a dog entails? Before taking a dog into your home, it’s best to reflect on some points.
Do you have enough time to dedicate to your dog?
The first thing to think about is if you have enough time to dedicate to taking your dog out on walks, to playing with him, and to accompanying him.
Do you have enough patience to live with a dog?
During the first few days of a dogs life in it’s new home, it’s important to keep in mind that the puppy has not yet acquired a regular rhythm as far as it’s physiological functions within the home, therefore inevitably he will do this in the house. It’s also good to know that puppies are curious fellows, impetuous, and they do not measure their actions.


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