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Caring for your dog


It won’t always be possible for you to take your dog with you on vacations or on the weekends etc. So it’s very important that you have someone you can leave the dog with whom you know will take good care of him. If you have the type of job that requires you to be away from your home all day, it’s vital to get someone who can take the dog out on a daily walk to get his exercise.

Will you be able to handle the amount of hair dogs shed on everything? Dogs, especially those that have long hair, continually shed hair and even more so in shedding season. Keep in mind that the dog’s hair will be left on the couches, sofas, car, and clothes.

Will you be able to handle seeing your couches, shoes or clothes ruined by your dog?
Puppies often times use their teeth during the first teething on some unusual objects. Some of puppies favorite chewing objects include shoes, purses, the legs of the couches, sweaters, and blankets.

Does everyone in your home agree with having a dog in the house?
Bringing a puppy into your home is something that must be discussed with the whole family since everyone will have to deal with him. It’s very convenient if the whole family agrees on having a dog and that everyone is aware that a dog is not just a play pal, but also a responsibility for everyone.


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