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Doberman Puppy


A Doberman dog overwhelms with his elegant appearance, and the grace of his shiny hair and well-built body. This dog is powerful and has long semi-hanging ears, which used to be cropped, a practice that has been banned in many countries. The name derives from Louis Doberman, a tax collector in Apolda, Turingia (Germany) that needed a dog to “persuade ” people to pay taxes, and, as he wasn’t able to find one who looked aggressive enough, he developed this breed in 1860 by crossing Pinschers with Rottweilers, Weimaraners, Bergers de Beauce, Bouviers, Dogues and Greyhounds. This breed was used for tracking during the World Wars, as well as for patrolling; sometimes these dogs were even messengers. The troops named them Black Devils during the Pacific War. Dobermans are agile, powerful and run very fast due to their musculature. It is not usual to see a fat Doberman.

Character of the Doberman Dog: This is the ultimate attack dog. His character has been shaped to help this dog become stable and calm. Breeders don’t appreciate too aggressive Dobermans. They are brave, intelligent, loyal dogs, sometimes dominant and usually proud; they can’t stand weakness or mistakes in their owners. They need discipline and exercise.

Characteristics of the Doberman Puppy

  • Size: The male is 65-70 cm, while the female is: 63-67 cm long.
  • Weight: 30-44 kg
  • Color: Black or brown with rust markings above the throat, cheeks, lips, eyebrows, chest, legs and feet.
  • Hair: Short, straight and shiny.


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