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Chihuahua Dog Breed Information


The Chihuahua is a miniature dog gets its name from a town in Mexico, found at the top of the Sierra Madre.

Height, weight: its height is never more than 20 cm; weighs 500 g and 2,5 kg. It’s funny.

Fur, color: short, thick and shiny; or long and soft. In every color, single colored, spotted or with shades.

Appropriate for: those who look for an easygoing lapdog.

Not Appropriate for: those that don’t know how to handle little things.

As a member of the family: Affectionate, it hardly ever barks, but it growls in a very funny and special way, if there is a suspicious presence around. Very intelligent. And is not a dog for children.

Breed’s character: resistant, valiant and fearless. Naturally, it likes to move around. Very lively. It comes from the mixture of Chinese breeds (taken to Mexico for commercializing).

Common sicknesses: difficulty in giving birth and has dental problems.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years.


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