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Choosing a Dog


There are many factors that must be taken into account when making the decision about what kind of dog to get. There are more than 400 breeds of dogs although the number of popular breeds is around 150. Besides this there are dogs that have no specific breed and fall under the category of mixed breed or mutt as they are sometimes called. Choosing a dog means taking a good look at your desires and your abilities. It may be that the breed you would like to get really isn’t appropriate for you or your situation.
Some of the things that you must look at when deciding are your lifestyle, where you live and how much time you to dedicate to your dog.
Are you an active person that enjoys the outdoors or are you more of a calm quiet person that prefers a good book to a vigorous hike? If you would rather stay home and watch a movie on Sunday afternoon then there are certain breeds that just wouldn’t fit into your particular lifestyle and you m
ust take this into account when choosing.

If you have a big house in the country with a large fenced yard then your options are much more varied, but if you live in the center of town and have a studio apartment then your choices become fewer.
Some dog breeds should not and in fact can not live in small confined situations whereas other dog breeds seem to thrive on these types of situations.
Do you leave home to go to work at nine in the morning and return home at eight in the evening and then bring work home with you on weekends? If so a dog breed that requires lots of attention simply would not fit into your schedule and trying to do so would end up causing conflicts of interest.
Remember that dogs are pack animals by nature and not only need companionship in order be healthy and happy but they also need lots of mental and physical stimulation.


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