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Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information


This English breed is famous for its hunting skills and is unequaled when searching for bird nests in wetlands. Happy and lively the Cocker Spaniel’s tail appears to be perpetually wagging. With its love of water, it is not uncommon to see this breed chasing a ball thrown by its master into a lake without a moments hesitation. With its beautiful appearance, sweet facial expression and lively character this dog makes for a wonderful companion of single people or those with families.

Exercise: Adapts well to city life but it is vitally important not to forget that this dog was bred for the hunt and it needs plenty of time outdoors running free and playing.

Specialized care: The Cocker Spaniel needs regular grooming and a hair cut at least once every three months. It is crucial that you take very good care of its ears that are susceptible to infection because of the fact that they are long and covered in hair. It is a good idea to use high rimmed food and water bowls to avoid this breed dirtying its ears when eating and drinking. Be careful of the amount of food that you make available to this dog as they become overweight easily. This breed normally has its tail docked in its first weeks of life.

Minimum height:

  • Males: 39 to 41 centimeters
  • Females: 38 to 39 centimeters

Appropriate for: Though considered first and foremost a companion dog this breed loves and needs lots of time running outdoors. Is playful and sweet and does well living with families as it loves children. Is usually very happy although at times can become overbearing in its playfulness. Its inbuilt instinct to hunt can make this dog dangerous for cats and other pets. If not well trained and kept under control this lively hunter can become noisy and difficult to handle.


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