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Combined dog practices


Combined dog practices

There are moments in which it is difficult to learn to handle your dog in new and unexpected moments. Some of these occasions might be when you need to take your dog out in a place where there are lots of cars, or to the veterinarian etc. It’s evident that not all dog trainers or owners are able to evaluate their dog’s capabilities and transfer the learned techniques to their every day lives especially when something distracts the dog and there is no other help around. Since it is naturally not possible to mention all of the possibilities, we will give you only some possible situations which involve more complex practices. These situations have probably at some point happened to people learning to handle dogs. The idea for these practices is to obtain a logical coordination of individual steps and special cases. Dog trainers and their dogs practice in order to achieve a level of basic communication which occurs in unexpected moments. Once the dog trainers and their dogs are outside of the practice field, they no longer have the support of the course instructor to tell them how they must proceed in certain circumstances. This is when the dog trainer himself or herself needs to decide and find a solution. A lot of the variations of games require of the criteria of the dog trainer, who has the power to evaluate the level of training his dog has and the daily behavior as well.

Dog interpretation games

One very relaxing thing in training practices is interpretation games. These types of games are represented by situations in which the dog can find himself in his regular daily routine. In the case of more complex games, the dog trainer will have to give more concise information.


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