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Dangerous Dog Foods


Feeding chocolate to a dog: Chocolate is something that dogs absolutely love. Chocolate actually has a substance that is toxic to dog if they eat too much. Some of the signs of intoxication in an 11 kilo dog that had eaten 250 grams of chocolate were vomiting, diarrhea, muscular shaking, lack of breath, and convulsions, in extreme cases it has even caused death.

Feeding onions to a dog: Some dogs really enjoy the taste of onions . Small amounts are okay to feed a dog, however, large amounts can have grave consequences. Onions have a toxic substance for dogs that cause anemia with symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, depression, fever, and a brownish color in their urine.

Commercial Dog Food: If you have opted for feeding your dog ready-made meals, you will find a large variety to pick from. Make sure to buy the recommended brands (ask your veterinarian to help you out with this), and make sure to always buy food that is sealed; if you open a can of dog food, don’t leave it out of the fridge for over three hours. There are other types of dog food such as dry and semi dry foods, which dogs enjoy and which conserve quite well for a good amount of time and the good quality ones have a high content of protein. There are also special made cookies and candy you can use as prizes and rewards for dogs that are getting trained. However, don’t exceed in the amount you feed your dog because they contain large amounts of calories and, in the long run, they can cause obesity. For dogs that are teething, and for older dogs as well, you can find rawhide sticks and fake bones online and in pet shops of all different sizes and shapes, and dogs highly enjoy them. These are safe to feed a dog because they are non toxic products that a dog can chew on and eat without a problem. There are also supplementary vitamins in pills that can be given to a dog, which contain calcium, vitamins and mineral salts that are useful for the daily diet of a puppy and of an adult dog, as well as for older dogs that have bone problems.


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