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Dog adventure walks in Park


Dog adventure walks: 

One very common problem with training camps is that the dogs behave well and learn to become increasingly more obedient and responsive to their masters commands but then when the time comes to go home and return to their daily routines, all of that good progress seems to fly out the window on the first trip out into the local neighborhood and park.
Many of the dog trainers themselves don’t have the confidence that their dog will be able to translate and apply all of what they learned about obedience at the training camp, to their daily life and routines back home in the city. And because the dog trainers are afraid of possible problems often don’t allow the dog to try out the new skills that they acquired while at the training camps.
Most dog owners attend dog training camps not so much to train their dogs in the hopes of entering their dogs into future competitions but rather with the hopes of having a dog that is behaved and obedient. 

What constitutes a well behaved dog of course is different for each person but the basic desire of most city dwelling owners of companion dogs is a dog that doesn’t jump all over everyone they meet, that will sit quietly and patiently outside a store, that will walk calmly through the park and even go on a long hike through the forest while voluntarily following on the end of a leash (or even better off the leash at “Heel”).

However these daily situations that are common in the city are not necessarily present in a training camp. So the idea of the following exercises is to prepare both the dog owner and dog for the various challenges that they will encounter on a daily basis living in the city and while on walks either through the park, forest or local shopping mall. The ability for the teams to practice these situations in a controlled environment before having to face them in real life helps to give confidence and trust to both the dog and trainer.


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