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From time to time your dog will get extra dirty and will need to take a bath. It is also true that some dog breeds simply need to take baths more often than others. It may be that your dog just ran through a mud puddle or it may be that your dog is just due for its bath but either way trying to bathe a dog is a job that requires skill and patience and unfortunately is not always something fun and relaxing. If your dog lives inside your house then it is vital that you keep it clean and bathe it frequently, but if your dog lives in the yard then you will probably not need to bathe it as often. Before you begin bathing your dog make sure that you have everything that you will need to complete the task. If your dog is especially hard to handle during bath times then you should ask someone to help you. In cases where the dog might react aggressively to your attempts to bathe it you should place a muzzle on the dog before trying to wash it.
Make sure that you do not bathe your dog in a place exposed to cold air currents.

  • The first thing you need to do is wet the dog thoroughly.
  • Then liberally shampoo its coat with specially formulated dog shampoo.
  • Then rinse off the shampoo taking care to get all of it out of your dog’s coat.
  • Now you will want to remove the excess water from your dog’s coat with a towel. Then let your dog dry completely in a warm location.

It is best not to use a hair dryer although in some cases it could be acceptable. If you have a dog that needs to be brushed and/or combed wait until your dog’s hair is fully dry before attempting to fix it. If you don’t feel capable of bathing your dog, then it is best to have a professional do it at one of the many dog-grooming salons available. It is a good idea to always use the same groomer, that way your dog becomes familiar with them and will feel more comfortable.


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