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Where to get a dog

There are a number of different places you can go when purchasing a dog. If you plan on getting a pedigree then it is best to go to a reputable breeder. The associations like the American Kennel Association (AKC) usually have a registry of breeders in your area or you can check with your veterinarian. Pet stores are another place where you can find pedigree dogs. If you aren’t picky about the particular breed you want or if you are looking for a mixed breed then animal shelters are a great place to look for your prospective puppy or try asking your veterinarian. Newspapers almost always have a section in the advertisements where you can also find people looking for a good home for mixed breed dogs. No matter where you get your puppy it is always important to make sure that it has a clean bill of health before bringing it home. Remember that some defects and health problems are invisible to the untrained eye and some are undetectable without extensive tests.

Choosing a Male or Female Dog 

When choosing a dog the question of whether to get a male or female puppy is a very important one. There are a number of different factors that should be taken into account before making a decision. Firstly it should be noted to besides the obvious physical differences male dogs are usually more independent and even though they can do fantastically living with families they will usually establish a closer bond with one particular person. When any female dog is in heat your male dog (if not neutered) will find the urge to mate absolutely irresistible and this can lead to your male dog taking off for days at a time wandering the streets in search of female dogs in heat. Females on the other hand are for the most part sweeter, more stable and acceptable of all members of the household. They are usually easier to handle and more patient. The biggest draw back is that two or three times a year they go into heat. When this happens you must do everything in your power to avoid your female dog becoming undesirably impregnated. Of course if you choose to have your dog “fixed” then this will solve this problem. Of course there is also the option of getting a dog “pair.” Now if you choose to go this way remember that the male and female dog will form more of a tight knit family often to the exclusion of their human family. The male dog will often become jealous and protective of the female when she is in heat. And if the female doesn’t want to mate then she will be trying to get away from the male and the male will be constantly fighting with her to try and copulate with her.


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