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Man had to learn Dog Care and Training from time the first dogs made their appearance in the North American continent; these dogs were known as Occidental dogs. After several evolutional phases came the mammal with a short nose, a long tail, with five fingers and toes, like those of a bear. Then, what we now know as the modern dog came into existence. The modern dog is what is actually considered to be the real progenitor of the “dog family” including dogs, wolves, foxes etc. Studies have shown that domesticated dogs have had as predecessors the prehistoric domestic can. Others believe that it was the “Herding dog” that, through intentional selections or casual mixes, gave

origin to today’s breeds. There are also other theories that say that the Jackal is the true progenitor of the domestic dog or that its origins resemble those of wild extinct dogs. There are various theories as to the evolution of dogs but it is generally accepted that dogs came into existence from different species such as the Asian Jackal, African Jackal and the albino wolf. This hypothesis would explain the worldwide diffusion of physique and conduct that exist in the domesticated dog of today.

Dog Care and Training

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Dog domestication: The most ancient proof of friendship between humans and dogs was found in a grave in Israel, believed to be 10,000 years old where a child’s remains were found hugging a puppy. It’s very possible that the first approximation between dogs and humans was simply motivated by the desire to receive company and physical contact. It’s also been said that prehistoric dogs used to follow humans footprints to eat their leftovers and then began inevitably associating. Obviously humans were not able to resist the good will of dogs and they soon realized that dogs were very efficient and vivacious guardians since dogs, by nature, always warn their owners of enemies and predators.