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Dog Chance Encounters


Dog Chance encounters. 

It is not normal for dogs to always properly behave themselves when greeting other humans or dogs. They often end up jumping all over the other person or pulling hard on their leash to try and go faster. So training your dog how to greet is an important part of behavior training.

Practicing dog trainers, meeting dog trainers. 

Two groups with the same number of teams stand in two lines about twenty meters apart facing each other. The first two teams then walk towards the opposite group passing each other with the dog trainer on the inside and the dog on the outside.
They then take the place of the other team in the opposite group.
The next team would then follow suit.

Practicing Dog meeting dog. 

Position your teams the same way as in the previous exercise. The teams cross over in the same way as before but this time the dogs will be on the inside and the dog trainers on the outside when the two teams pass each other. The team then takes the place of the other on the opposite side.

Practicing meeting with a half turn. 

Position your teams the same way as in the previous exercise. All of the groups cross over to the opposite side simultaneously with the dog trainers crossing on the inside. When the teams reach the opposite side they would simply make a quick half turn and return back towards their original side this time crossing the other team with dog to dog. When the teams reach their original positions they would assume the Starting position. This exercise requires the dog trainers to pay close attention so that the whole group stays together and makes the half turn at the same time.


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