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Dog combs and brushes

The content of Labrador. Care dog fur outdoors. Human hand brushing fur golden retriever. Human friendship and dogs. Hygienic procedures.

It’s very important to clean and keep your dogs coat looking its best, taking care of this is essential for the dogs health. You should groom a short coated dog two or three times a week and once a day for dog that have long coats. Grooming your dog is a great way of bonding with your dog and should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. There are many different accessories that can be used to groom your dog (these vary depending on the coat of your dog).

Dog collars: There are many different types of collars and leashes made out of all different types of materials such as leather, cloth, and nylon etc. the price of these vary depending on the size and material (generally the leather ones are the most expensive). Probably one of the most practical and comfortable ones are leashes that extend and harnesses that go around the dog’s chest; these types of leashes avoid you from pulling at the dogs throat, especially in the case of puppies who often times start pulling at their leash like mad little beasts. Make sure to buy a collar that is soft to put the dog tag on it and never put the leash on too tight so that you don’t end up suffocating the poor dog. Chain slip collars are fine for bigger dogs but not for small ones. Teach your dog to use a collar starting at the age of eight months. It’s also convenient to get the dog a muzzle (according to the dogs size) and to put it on the dog if needed when going out. Some dogs are very resistant to wearing them, but if you train your dog to wear them at a young age the dog will learn and accept to wear it, and you will avoid the struggle sometimes involved in putting it on a dog that is not used to one.


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