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Dog exercises involving “Stay”


Dog exercises involving “Stay”

 Once a dog is able to obey the command “Stay” without becoming easily distracted they can begin practicing these more advanced exercises.

Practice with “Stay” and “Come”.

This exercise is done in pairs. The two first teams would walk together towards a marked line with their dogs off of their leashes and walking at “Heel”. The dog trainer on the right would have their dog sit at the line and then walk a few meters to the side. At the same time the dog trainer on the left would have their dog sit at the line and then the dog trainer would continue walking for about twenty meters and then turn and call their dog. The dog on the right must stay seated where it is.
The left team would then approach the line once again and the dog trainer 
would have their dog sit at the line while they walk a few meters to the side. Meanwhile the dog trainer on the left walks straight ahead about twenty meters and calls their dog.

Practice with “Stay” under difficult circumstances:

 One by one the dogs have to lie down and the dog trainer would walk away about thirty meters to a previously marked position. At that moment a group of people with a dog or two, with the intent of trying to distract the dog, would come onto the field and walk towards the dog trainer. The group should pass by the seated dog at a distance that would be determined by how well trained the dog is, and proceed on to the dog trainer, who they would then greet. The greeting could be a simple nod, a shake of the hands or it could be vigorous and affectionate with hugs and loud talking, depending again on the level of training that the dog has. The dog trainer would then begin walking with the group and even going out of sight with them. The dog trainer would return after a couple of minutes (at the indication of the course instructor) and retrieve their dog.


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