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Dog “Fetch” practice in a small Street alley


Dog “Fetch” practice in a small alley. 

All of the dogs should be standing in a line and the dog trainers need to stand about sixty feet from their dogs. The first dog trainer goes toward his dog and stands with him at the beginning of the alley. The dog trainer must then throw the fetching object in the center of the alley, which will go by the rest of the dogs, and give his or her dog to the order to “Fetch”. Then both the dog and the dog trainer must go back to their places again.

Dog “Fetch” practice with different objects. 

All of the dogs are placed in a line. The dog trainers go ahead simultaneously about thirty feet, while walking away from the dogs, they place one object at a time on the floor and then go back to their dogs. One by one, each dog receives the order to “Sit” and then to “Fetch”. The dog is allowed to bring any object he wants. In the meanwhile, the rest of the dogs must remain in their places. This practice can also be done as a game. All of the dogs are sitting, on a leash, next to their dog trainers in a line. Several objects need to be placed at a certain distance from the dogs, about sixty feet away. The objects you place on the ground can be stuffed animals, balls, toys etc. Now each dog trainer has to guess what object he or she thinks his or her dog will pick up. One by one, the dogs receive the order to “Fetch”, but they have to take the object back to their places, before the next dog goes up.

Individual dog practices. 

Sometimes there are certain practices that a dog needs to do individually which means the rest of the group of dogs needs to wait. In these types of practices it’s suggested to keep the rest of the dogs on a leash to avoid any out of control behavior, especially in the cases of games like “Fetch” to avoid any fights from happening.


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