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Dog “Fetch” practice in the water


Dog “Fetch” practice in the water. 

This practice can be done in a river or in a lake. The dog trainer find an easy access place for the dog, making sure the current isn’t too strong. The dog must be sitting in base position next to his dog trainer, who throws the fetching object into the water. When the dog trainer gives the order, the dog runs ahead, gets inside the water, and swims towards the object. The ideal would be for the dog to bring the object back to his dog trainer without having to be told to do so. If you have dogs that do not swim very well, it’s best to throw the fetching object in shallow water. This way, the dog will be able to get out easier.

Dog “Fetch” practice at long distances. 

When the order to “Fetch” is given at great distances, the motivation of the dog’s increases and a new rhythm is included in on their practices and it is also a great way for them to get exercise. At this point the dog will no longer be under the control of the dog trainer, and this is a premise for the dog to practice this exercise safely. One of the dog trainers has his dog get into starting position in a specifically designated place on the field. An assistant should be about three hundred feet away and from there throw the “Fetch” object making sure the dog is watching. At the same time it will be necessary to capture the dog’s attention through different verbal signals. As soon as the course instructor gives the order, the dog trainer sends his or her dog. If you notice the dog does not realize where the fetching object came from, it will be necessary to throw it again upward so the dog can see. The dog needs to register the place the object fell in and get close to it quickly and in a straight line. After picking it up, the dog must quickly take it to the dog trainer.


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