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Dog “Fetch” practice


Dog “Fetch” practice: 

The idea for this practice is to motivate dogs without leaving out the discipline aspects. For all types of practices it is necessary for a dog to know the basic instructions of “Fetch”. In this practice, depending on how trained the dogs are, they can be on or off of a leash.

Dog group practices: 

It’s impossible to get a group of dogs to simultaneously practice “Fetch”. So, the dogs that are not actually “Fetching” can be practicing “Stay” calmly. Believe it or not, it’s actually difficult for a dog to sit still and watch while another goes chasing after its prey with so much enthusiasm.

Simple dog “Fetch” practice: 

In this practice all of the dogs and their dog trainers need to stand in a line next to each other. Following the line, one dog trainer at a time goes further ahead about fifteen feet, has his or her dog sit, and throws the object he or she wants the dog to “Fetch”. The dog must go get the object and bring it back to his or her dog trainer. Then the dog and dog trainer go back into their place and the next person and his or her dog are up. To avoid the dogs from thinking this only happens in one place or at a certain distance, you can change the distance, or you can change the type of object you are throwing. Anther variation is for another person to throw the object instead of just the dog trainers.

Dog “Fetch” practice with an obstacle: 

This exercise starts with the dog trainer throwing an object in front of the dog behind an obstacle. The dog must bring it when he is given the order to. The dog does not necessarily have to get over the obstacle; he can also go around it.

“Fetch” practice in a line:

The dog trainers and their dogs stand in a line next to each other. The dog trainer stands at the beginning of a line about six or nine feet away, with his eyes fixed on the end of the line. The dog needs to wait for the order to start running toward the object, bring it going through the line of people without getting distracted by the other dogs.


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