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Dog formation using Bandolier


Dog formation using Bandolier. 

These following exercises will help the whole group learn to work well with each other even during long walks and will help the individual teams learn how to better handle themselves when working with other teams closely.


For these formation exercises to go well it is crucial that all of the teams meet certain requirements. The course instructor needs to explain the following points to all the teams involved in the exercises before beginning.

  • The pace of the individual teams needs to be in coordination with all the other teams. It is vital that all of the dog trainers are paying attentions to each other and the movements of not only their own dog but the group over all. Some things the dog trainers need to keep in mind are. Are they falling behind or getting ahead or right where they are supposed to be? When making turns is the team on the outside moving faster and the team inside slower so that the move is coordinated?
  • Before beginning the dog trainers will need to be informed about how the exercise will progress so that there won’t be the need for to many commands and instructions during the exercise itself.
  • The course instructor needs to clearly mark the training field before the exercise begins. The field should be marked in the form of an immense rectangle with markers placed in each corner and in the middle of the four sides.
    Every dog trainer needs to do their best to move as precisely as possible within these markers and lines.

Warm up practice for the dog formation: turning.

All the teams begin by walking in a straight line with each team directly behind the other. At the signal of the course instructor all the teams will make a ninety degree turn to the right and will then be walking parallel to each other. Be sure to keep the dog trainers watch each other to help keep the line straight and avoid moving ahead or falling behind. The course instructor signals again and the teams make a ninety degree turn to the left and now are once again walking in a straight line with each team behind the other.


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