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Dog Heat Stroke


Though not to the same degree, almost all dogs are sensitive to heat. You must be sure that your dog is never left in a car with the windows up on a hot day. Even when the weather is cold you should be very careful as a car heater can also cause your dog to overheat. It is difficult for dogs to keep their bodies cool because of the fact that they don’t sweat and they can quickly fall prey to heat stroke and this can lead to death. You can use the window shades to help regulate the temperature inside of your car on hot days and always keep at least one window partially rolled down. If you find your dog panting heavily, drooling excessively or in a state of collapse on a hot day and/or just after exercising heavily it is likely that he is suffering from heat stroke. If it appears that your dog is suffering a heat stroke you should immediately remove him from the heat and place him in the coolest place you can quickly find. Keep your dog’s airways free of saliva so that he can breathe easier and try to cover your dog with a wet towel. Keep the towel wet and cool and be careful to not let your dog become overheated again. As soon as it is able give your dog fresh cool water to drink.

Other serious dog problems: 

Dogs as active and energetic animals are prone to suffering accidental injuries for many different sources. It might be due too much exposure to extreme temperatures or an accident could be caused by getting hit by a vehicle. Whenever the accident involves cars, quick and responsible actions by the dog’s owner can mean the difference, for the dog, between life and death.

Broken bones: 

If your dog suffers a broken bone, the first thing you need to do is try and keep the dog calm and stationary. It is best that you do not try and set the bone or apply a splint. Now a compound fracture (the bone is through the skin) is much more serious due to the threat of infection so it is important to cover the open wound with clean gauze or a clean cloth. It is always a good idea to put a muzzle on the dog before you try to move it as when dogs are in extreme pain they will sometimes bite unintentionally.
Seek medical assistance immediately.


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