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Dog Hepatitis


This disease is actually quite rare since most canines are vaccinated. Hepatitis starts by causing the dog to become very ill with fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or swelling of the lymph glands in the neck, whereas there are other lighter symptoms that only affect the dog’s eye causing the dog not be able to see completely. Hepatitis is rarely deadly in dogs. The cure is symptomatic and it’s useful to prevent bacterial complications. It’s suggested that puppy’s get vaccinated against it at 8 – 10 weeks of age in order to build up good resistance against it, and it’s also advisable to get it done once a year.


Rabies (Latin word that means rage), is a viral disease that causes severe encephalitis in animals (people can also get infected with it). This disease can affect most types of warm-blooded animals, however it is not common among non-carnivores. Humans that get bit by an animal that has rabies must get vaccinated at once. In unvaccinated humans, rabies is almost always fatal once all of the symptoms have developed, however, post exposure vaccination can prevent the symptoms from getting worse and developing. Rabies vaccination is obligatory for dogs starting at the age of 3 months. All the other vaccinations that your veterinarian will want your dog to get are highly recommended, however they are not obligatory as is the rabies vaccination. Your dog should have vaccinations records or certificates in correct order because this paper will then be useful for you to use as a document for your dog.


This is a serious bacterial disease that causes the dog to have fever, depression, vomiting, dehydration, and muscular pain. This disease often times causes the dog to die after it has suffered from a hepatic and or renal insufficiency. This disease fall under the category of a zoonosis, meaning that it can be transmitted from animals to humans. Therefore it is recommended to follow preventative matters, avoiding above all contact with the urine of the sick dog. Trying to cure leptospirosis is usually useless. It’s necessary to vaccinate puppies from the moment they are 9 weeks of age, and getting the vaccination again a month after, as well as every year. If you and your dog live in an area where this disease has extended around, it will be necessary to repeat the vaccination every six to eight months.


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