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Dog house rules


Besides this factor, it’s indispensable for all the family to agree on the behavior and rules of the house that they and the dog must maintain. There is no use in teaching your dog that his meals times are in his area, if someone at the table then feeds him their leftovers. It’s important also to be careful with the commands you give to a dog. Talks with your family so that you can all agree on the same commands all together. Imagine if one person in the family says, “come”, while the other says, “run”, or “that a boy”. Doing this will not only confuse your dog, but it will also make his training take longer.

Dog Obedience Training: If you are a dog owner, according to the law you are responsible of any damage or harm your dog causes. For this reason it’s fundamental you teach your dog to come on call. A dog that obeys right away at your call will respond well to the training in a training school.

Despite this, it’s still very important to be very attentive when letting your dog off the leash since there are things that could cause a dog to respond and react violently such as the presence of another dog, a female in heat, children playing ball, etc., all of which can cause a dog that is not fully trained to cause severe damage. Obedience training therefore is a very useful exercise. If your dog has not yet been fully trained, it’s best if you take him out on a leash.


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