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Dog House-Training


Generally dogs tend to keep themselves clean and not mess up the place they live in. Whenever a puppy needs to do his needs, he goes off in order to take care of his physiological needs privately. However, if a dog lives in a confined area, he will mess up the place he lives in. Physically puppies do not have the mental capacity of retaining a lot of information, at the age of two months it’s difficult for a puppy learn all these new things. Just the same way it takes a child 2 or 3 years to learn to use the bathroom, it takes the dog about 5 – 6 months. Either way, you can help your puppy with his general hygiene and cleanliness by following a few simple steps. Some people rub their dogs nose in it’s urine when the puppy has had an “accident”, or even worse rub the dogs nose in it’s feces…. which is a ridiculous thing to do. Unless you directly catch your puppy in the act you shouldn’t do this. The best way to handle this type of problem is by anticipating the dog’s need before anything even happens and act smartly about it to be able to force the puppy to the customs that will then turn into behavior rules. One easy way to start out is by taking the puppy out right after he has finished eating. Dog’s always go back to the same place they did their needs in before, so the dog will direct itself back to the same spot whether it be in the garden or in the park etc. In the first few days of bathroom training, you should take the dog out every two hours, and little by little go reducing the amount of times you take the puppy out. The puppy will eventually learn to control his needs and do them in the appropriate places. Notice how often times after the puppy has been having playtime or has just woken up from a nap, how he turns all of a sudden over himself and begins to sniff around the floor. If you see this, grab him right away because this means the puppy needs to go! Slowly but surely your puppy will learn to go to the assigned places and he will become a clean and trained dog. As a dog begins getting older his physiological needs change and he will probably only need to do his needs two times a day.


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