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If you own a dog it’s a good idea to know what your dog’s rights are. Some of those rights vary from country to country so we will list those that we believe are true (and should be true) in most places. It is prohibited to cause death to an animal, except in the cases of animals that are destined to due to incurable diseases etc. In all cases this job corresponds to a veterinarian. Dogs should not be left abandoned and locked up in an abandoned place nor should they be left alone on the street, parks, gardens, etc; selling live animals on the street is prohibited as well as hitting them, or causing them any kind of unjustified harm. It’s against the law to tie a dog up in a moving vehicle and to place them in a dangerous place in a moving vehicle. Animal fights are also against the law as well as inciting animals to do so.

Proper dog ID tag: Dogs should always wear a collar, with an identification tag attached to it. This tag should have your name on it, address, and work and home numbers. Stamped onto it should also be your dog’s rabies vaccination and license tags, along with your veterinarian’s name and number. There are many places in which this is mandatory. There are other forms of identification as well, such as, tattoos, or fitted microchips, this last one being the veterinarian’s best option. This microchip is the size of a grain of rice and it is injected just under the skin in between the shoulder blades of the dog. It gives information when it is scanned that can help the dog owner to locate his lost dog. These chips scanners are used at all the lost dog intake locations, as well as in city pounds, veterinary hospitals and humane societies. Even if your dog has chip, it must still use it’s identification collar. Also make sure than whenever traveling with a dog, to update its identification tags by putting your temporary phone number on its tag.

Dog tenancy: The tenancy of some dogs in urban houses is conditioned to the characteristics and general cleanliness of the place. Make sure to check up on the laws of the place you live in if your dog is a barker because it is against the law in some areas.


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