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Dog leash behavior


During the first months of your puppy’s life you have probably taught him to wear a halter first and then a collar. Then slowly you have taught him to walk next to you without pulling forward or backwards. After having learned all these things, the behavior the dog shows while wearing a collar can be perfected little by little if you have an obedient dog and if he is over one year of age.
The idea of this exercise is to teach the dog to walk on your left side while holding his head upwards and learn to change directions from left to right. |
For your dog to learn this training correctly, he must be very obedient. Start by having the dog stand right next to your left knee; the dog is going to have to learn how to perceive through contact with your knee if you are going to turn left or right, whereas to walk backwards, you will have to help the dog by turning the dog with the collar behind his back. There are other types of obedience training that can be learned by taking some classes on obedience training. These courses are specifically designed to help you train your dog and they are taught by using very specific techniques.

Dog agility, sports and fun: The “Agility dog” is something that is becoming more and more popular these days. It consists of a sport that was invented in England about 25 years ago. This sport is intended for humans and dog together to go through these spectacular agility tests such as long and height jumps, rigid tunnels and flexible etc. as well as in obedience races.
Obviously, depending on how obedient and quick the dog is, the better are the chances of winning because the final triumph depends on the best time and on who has the least amount of penalties; sort of the same way it happens in horse races. In order to apply for this sport, it’s absolutely necessary the dog be very well trained since the dog is going to have to maintain an optimal relationship of trust and understanding with his owner.
Usually only pure bred dogs are allowed to participate in dog competitions, however, in agility races mixed breeds are also allowed to participate. The objective of this race is not beauty and on how pure the breed is, it’s about obedience and how well trained the dog is, which is not difficult to find in mixed that usually stand above pure breeds when it comes to this.
This sport represents one way of keeping your dog in shape and of having fun with other people who enjoy and are passionate about animals.


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