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Good dog nail care tells us they should be trimmed about twice a month. Always use a proper dog nail clipper and make sure to have a bottle of styptic powder and cotton swabs with your in the case of bleeding. Styptic powder can be used to stop bleeding if you accidentally cut the dog’s nail too closely.
Here are some of the basic tools that you will need:

Nail clippers: 

There are two different and basic types of nail clippers, both of which work well. One is the guillotine style clipper, and the other is the standard scissors style nail clipper.


Scissors come in handy when you are having difficulty with a stubborn nail or one that is growing incorrectly.

Styptic powder: 

This powder can be found almost anywhere and it is good for blood clotting. If you ever accidentally clip your dogs nails too closely and cause him to bleed, put some of this powder on him and it will quickly stop the bleeding.

Trimming your dog’s nails: 

Dogs need to have their nails trimmed regularly because long nails can cause dogs to have a hard time walking causing them to break, snag and bleed. Follow these simple instructions to cut your dogs nails.

  • Have your dog sit down next to you and take one of his paws into your hand. If you own a small dog, just have him sit on your lap. If you own a bigger dog make him turn over onto his stomach on the floor.
  • The dog’s nails need to be cut in stages. Make sure when cutting to be very careful to not cut the part of the nail that contains the nerves and blood vessels most commonly recognized as the quick. If you are not able to find the quick in the dog’s paw, then just cut until the part where the dog’s nails start to curve downwards.
  • If you accidentally happen to clip the dog’s quick, soothe your dog and quickly apply some styptic powder on the nail by using a moist cotton swab. Press the cotton swab firmly against the dog’s nail for about fifteen seconds to clot the blood. These kinds of cuts have a tendency to bleed quite a bit so don’t panic.
  • Continue trimming the dog’s nails until all of his nails have been trimmed. If you can try to make sure that each nail is cut at a 45-degree angle away from the dog so that the nail is flush with the floor while the dog is standing.
  • Finally, clip the dog’s dewclaws, which are located on the inside of each leg carefully.


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