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Dog obedience games are types of games and practices have shown that when doing them, dogs focus their attention and mind more in one main objective, rather than just doing the normal exercises. There are a lot of games that exist that require energetic rhythm and a quick reaction, and all of the orders of subordination happen very quickly, therefore the dog and the dog trainer are more stimulated to work rapidly with a lot of precision. Giving a dog a dog treat is very encouraging for dogs too. But it’s important the dog always follows his dog trainer with the leash on loosely and stands next to him or her, not run around. A dog trainer should not pull at the dog either; both have to find the adequate rhythm for both to be comfortable.
Most likely these type of competitions or games will create agitation and tension in the dog trainer and his or her dog, and in some ways this is ok, but this type of mood can also reverse very quickly and in some cases there are aggressions that within a normal training space could be dominated and controlled. Getting overly excited can sometimes cause a dog to “forget” about being obedient and cause their behavior to become too agitated and restless. Because of these factors it is important to think about whether it is convenient or not to introduce these games to your dog.

Dog game: 

All of the dog trainers should walk at a normal pace with their dogs on a leash in a line one behind the other following a marked square. As soon as the course instructor calls out, the dogs must very rapidly sit (or lay whatever the group decides). Another person should be the referee. The dog that takes the longest to sit or lay is the dog that is out of the game. After this happens, the whole group once again begins walking at normal pace. You could have three or dogs that remain as the winners. For smaller groups you can continue until the last dog is left. For bigger groups the course instructor will have to indicate a change in plans every once in awhile.


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