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Dog practice with rubber hoops, tires and inner tubes



 For the following exercises you will need some rubber hoops (toys), used rubber car tires or inner tubes.

Practicing walking a dog through hoops. 

Place the hoops in a straight line or in a circle. The teams should begin on one side and make their way to the other with the dog passing over the hoops. It is important that the dog step inside each hoop one paw after the other and not simply jump over them. The dog trainer should walk next to the dog with the dog at “Heel.” The dogs should step into and out of the hoops in a way that is smooth and steady.

Practicing walking a dog through rubber car tires. 

The only difference between this exercise and the previous is the degree of difficulty. The teams should once again pass through the course one by one and in a calm and focused manner. The dogs should step inside each of the tires using one paw after another while the dog trainer follows at a normal pace. The objective is to teach the dog to walk naturally even over car tires while stepping normally and without stopping. Don’t pressure dogs that are insecure. The dog trainer can coax them rather with a food treat that they are holding out in front of the dog but low to the ground. This way they can show the dog the way to go, moving forward but keeping the dogs head down at the same time.


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