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Dog “red light, green light” game


Dog “red light, green light” game

All of the dog trainers should stand next to each other with their dogs on the leash, in a designated and marked line. Ahead of everyone, (about thirty meters away), is the course instructor giving his or her back to the dogs.
The team’s objective is to get to a line at the same place the course instructor is in. The winning is team is the team that gets to their destiny first.
A signal is given and all of the teams go out at the same time. Each time the course instructor turns around; all the dogs need to be “Down” in place and cannot move. The dog trainers need to be standing up without moving as well. The team that is caught moving must start from the beginning again and th
e teams that are moving forward have to stop immediately. This requires of an immediate reaction from the dog trainers part and for the dogs to immediately follow the command “Down”. 

The course instructor can previously let everyone know that he will be turning around by giving a signal. This can be done for example with the course instructor counting until five or by raising his or her hand before actually turning around. The team that reaches the course instructor first is the winner. When this happens, that dog trainer must take the course instructors place and his or her dog must “Heel”.
If this game does not turn out the right way, try doing it in a calmer way by only doing one or two games at a time and by taking out the overly excited dogs.


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