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Dog trainer “Heel” training


Dog trainer “Heel” training. 

Place around the training grounds a number of posts, barrels, or traffic cones with clearly marked and visible numbers. These will be used to form a sort of zigzag, which the dog trainer will have to navigate.All of the dogs should be leashed and tied up off of the training grounds with a assistant to watch over them. Have the dog trainers line up and the course instructor give the first one a number sequence, for example 3-7-9-5-1. The dog trainer would then, following their personal number sequence, walk purposefully towards the indicated post, make a energetic turn around it and head to the next indicated post. When practicing this exercise the dog trainer is able to give their whole attention to the task of moving from one point to the other without having to worry about what their dog is doing. When the first dog trainer finishes their pass, the course instructor should give the next dog trainer in line their personal number sequence and have them start their pass through the course.

Practicing “Heel” with number exercises: 

Place around the training grounds ten posts, barrels, or traffic cones with clearly marked and visible numbers (zero to nine). Don’t put the posts with numbers in numerical order or in any particular pattern or shape. The teams will be making their pass through the course alone. The idea is that the dog trainer with their dog at heel and leash loose will go to the first indicated numbered post make a energetic turn around it and then head to the next indicated numbered post. The course instructor can give the dog trainer various form of number sequences and manners of completing the course.

  • The course instructor could give a number sequence such as 5-8-9-3-1 like in the exercise above.
  • The dog trainer could use their own telephone number. If there are two numbers repeated together within the telephone number then that number would only be used once. For example if the number is 398667 then the dog trainer would make the pass using the number sequence 3-9-8-6-7.
  • The dog trainer could choose five random numbers on the spot and use those as the course.
  • If the dog trainer doesn’t know their telephone number then the dog trainer could use the numbers of their zip code.

Tip: The difficult or troublesome dog trainers get a cellular number or their phone number plus area code.


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