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Dog Training Competition


Contrary to relay races or Dog Training Competitions, this time two dogs will be competing at the same time without their dog trainers in a space that has been marked. The winner is the dog that is able to get to the next round quicker. You should mark the area with some white tape and both areas must be the same size and length and the lines must be straight. Mark a long line and put an arch at the goal. The dog must get to that goal in between the two poles of the arch. If the dog goes on the side of it, it does not count, however the dog trainer is allowed to guide the dog to go through the poles. The referee should be observing which dog passed first in between the poles of the goal.

Both dog need to start out in a straight line, while another person holds them on a leash. The dog trainer must run to the goal and this way show the dog what he is to do and to get the dogs attention. The dog trainer is allowed to call the dog by showing him a dog treat or his favorite toy etc. Make sure to get the dogs attention so that he continues on with the game.
As soon as everyone is ready, the dog assistant will let the dogs off the leash as soon as the game begins. The dog trainers are allowed to call at their dogs as long as the game is in session. The winner is the dog that goes through the goal first, and then sits next to his owner. The dog trainer is allowed to stand in front of the goal and to go back the last few steps inside of it, as soon as the dog has gotten to the dog trainers side. The final round will be all the winners using the same type of system, however, this time a distraction will be thrown in such as a dangling hot dog on the goal etc. Since time is the most important thing in this game, the dog that becomes distracted will not win especially if the dog cannot resist the temptation to eat the distraction (which has often times happened). Each new round should make the distractions all the more difficult and there should be more of them as well until finally the last two confront each other. The course instructor will have to rearrange the distractions depending on the type of dog it is. You could also use string with toys or cans with seeds in them etc. Make sure though that these toys do not scare the dogs!


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