If you want to train obedience, impulse control, and tricks for your dog, there are several things to consider in your exercise plan. We have summarized the different approaches and tips for you in a clear article. In this text, you some tips and matching dog training exercises are explained in detail, with which you can teach your dog what you want. Surely you have heard of some topics of dog training even in the dog school, online, or during a walk outside.

Tip: The sound makes the music

A well-meant tip for beginners: A favorite mistake is the way you talk to your dog during dog training, at the dog school, or later during the exercises. Especially at the early puppy training with the dog puppy at home, this is to be considered. The tone that you use, for example, in-game or in everyday life, regardless of the exercises in training, should be different from the tone with which you give your commands. This is one of the most important of our tips for your dog training.

For your dog or puppy, it is not important in education what you say or how loud or how quiet you pronounce it. Because the dog does not know what words like “here”, “seat” or “place” means. You might as well train him on words like “chocolate”, “seat cushion” or “tip”. It is not based on the actual meaning of your words in the exercises, but on the sounds and the melody of your voice. So if you talked to your dog in dog training like in everyday life, he would not notice any difference.

It is also not necessary that you become totally strict and shout the exercises. Because as a tip among us: Just yell at your dog, then it seems to him rather as if you were angry with him. It is perfect if, as part of the training plan, you acquire an objective tone for the exercises that differs from your normal saying.


Tip: work with your hands

If you are doing dog training or puppy training, then you should not only work with words but also consider a few hand signals to match the exercises. Online you will find some examples. For example, if you want to teach your dog to stay in one place, then it’s a combination of a stop gesture and a command like “hold” or “stay”. The brain work in dog training has the advantage that your dog also creates a link during the exercise.

He learns that a basic command like “stop” or “stay” means not only to him to stay in one place, but also that he should do the same if only showing him the gesture. So you can also give some dog commands without words, which is handy in dog training, for example if you are busy and he knows who the pack leader is.

Tip: work with food

A good tip is also this info: dogs are knitted relatively easy and free dog employment is comparatively easy. They like to play, explore their surroundings during a walk and love to eat. The latter can be used for dog training and exercises. The food in the form of treatment should serve as a stimulus and a reward for a successful exercise. In doing so, they direct the interest of your dog in dog training to the actual task of basic obedience. Another tip on the edge: Dog training with treats only works if your dog really has an interest in the food.

If you start the dog training and the dog exercises for the submission, after your dog has already eaten extensively, then your dog is tired of the exercise and dog training, because he wants to break and digest after a meal and no desire to Dog training and other exercises has. Therefore, you should refrain from feeding your dog before the subordination exercises. The best tips for dog training can not work if you do not follow the procedures! The treats of the exercises compensate for the missed meal.

Tip: Do not save with praise


Your dog orients itself at the game and dog training or dog training in the dog school at you, his pack leader. Your task as his most important caregiver, especially in fearful dogs, must, therefore, be to provide him with this affirmation. If your dog does what you want – no matter how long it takes – then he deserves a  positive feedback. That remembers your dog as well as commands or that there can be treats for a proper execution of these tips for dog training.

He is happy in dog training over any praise and will, therefore, like to do the exercises if you confirm him. It does not matter how many times he makes the seat or sit on command, after each submission exercise you should show him that he did it right. And even if you have completed the obedience exercises and use the commands in everyday life, a praise must not be missed.

Tip: Pay attention to the timing

Proper timing is one of the important dog training tips you need to be aware of when doing obedience and parenting as a beginner. The sequence of spoken word and hand gesture, the reaction of the animal and the reward is very important in dog training, Variety is inappropriate here. Otherwise, the dog cannot reconcile the individual actions of the exercise. When the dog does something he should, he usually looks at you. If you do not react at this moment, but wait until he turns back and only then praises him, he understands this as just any action of yours. The same applies if you give your dog a command in dog training and thereby execute a movement. If prompt and action do not fit in time, then your dog does not realize that they belong together.

In order to learn the right timing in dog training and dog training,  a so-called clicker can help you, which promotes the brain work of the dog and helps him to work out and educate. You can learn how to deal with this in an online dog school in a video, for example. It is a small toy that makes a clicking sound by a pressure. You can integrate the clicker in your training plan and better match individual commands in dog training. The clicker also has the advantage in dog grooming that the click has a reasonable volume and also in the open clear from the normal ambient noise, so that your dog hears it well.

Tip: The feed bag

A food bag is a practical tool that you can use for your dog training and dog employment. It is a simple, small bag in which you can keep the rewards for your dog handy. At the same time, the feed bag can be used as a toy for the dog. For this, it is necessary that you first get your dog used to the bag and show it what it has content.

If you teach your dog to retrieve, keep the bag with you and practice with a regular stick or dog toy. If your dog brings it after a while without decency, you can go to throw the food bag as a toy. Your dog will get another incentive to find and bring back toys. The reward he gets only when he returns to you the toys also.


Tip: Practice without distractions

If you are not at home with your dog but are out and about on the way out, there are many impulses to process. Other dogs, joggers, passing cars, and the like can be far more interesting to your dog than the actual exercise or scare off a scared dog or dog puppy. The result: All tips, dog exercises, and your training plan bring nothing and the animal does not do what it should.

The best for our online dog training tips are remote places such as a forest path or a meadow that can be easily reached with a dog walk and where you can train the basic obedience and the associated basic commands undisturbed and free. You can not completely avoid distractions, but by training with your dog in a quieter area, you increase your chances of focusing on each exercise. And another online tip to conclude: Your dog must have fun with the exercises. If you notice that the exercises are no longer of interest to you, you should make a change.




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