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Dog training with simple flash cards


Dog training with simple flash cards: You will need to put up several posts with numbers at a big distance in the training field. On each post there will be a flash card with a practice (these can be plasticized so they last longer). One by one, the dog trainers start going through the area with their dogs off the leash. A dog needs to then sit at one of the posts. The dog trainer reads what the flash card says and does what the card indicates. An example of what the flash card might say is:

  • Take your dog to the next post!
  • Leave your dog on the post, go to the next and call him from there!
  • Slowly walk with your dog until the next post and before getting there, command your dog to “Sit”!
  • Go around the post once clockwise, forming a circle around it at slow pace and then go around the next post counter clockwise! Command the dog to “Sit”!
  • Place your dog in a post, follow on with out him until the next post, count until ten, and then pick the dog up again!
  • So that the rest of the group does not have to wait too long of a time, the second team can start on a practice when the first groups is working on the second or third post.


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