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If you need to travel in the car with a small dog, you can put him inside a crate. If your dog is medium sized or large, make sure to equip your car appropriately with a net or divider so that the animal can be comfortable in the back of the car and not able to access the seats of the car. It’s very important that the dog does not have access to walking around the car because it can become a danger for you and others. Also never leave a dog alone in a car with the motor running. Some dogs are able to handle riding in a car quite well, while others become quite somewhat agitated, and some plain downright hate it (in these cases, it’s best to get help from a veterinarian). Some dogs get carsick and the consequence can be quite messy. To avoid this from happening, don’t feed your dog 2 or 3 hours before taking your dog for a ride. If your dog has a hard time handling cars, you should start out by taking him only on small trips to begin with. You can also give a dog that is scared of traveling in a car its favorite toy to console and tranquilize him.

Do not leave your dog locked up in a car under the sun, and don’t make the dog go into a car that has been sitting in the sun for a long time because the dog can become dehydrated. When going on long trips, stop the car as many times as needed so the dog can stretch it’s legs, get exercise, drink water and take a bathroom break. Dog Carriers are cool.

Whenever going on vacations, make sure that the hotel or place you are going to, allow dogs. A lot of places don’t, and if such is the case you might have to recur to the generosity of your friends or relatives, if that isn’t an option there are also animals shelters; if nothing else, change the place you were going to go to. The stuff you will need for a dog when going on vacations with him is, his bed, a blanket (these things will make him feel at home), his grooming accessories, water and food bowls, enough food, and a leash or collar.

If you intend to travel out of the country with your dog you must get information about the documentation required; your veterinarian can give you information on this. There are some countries that do not allow animals into their country and where a quarantined time is required.

If you are to travel by train or airplane, you will also need to get information about the rules of admission etc. Some trains allow you to take your dog with you (with a higher fee). The same generally applies to boats and ferries, whereas in planes dogs usually have to be in the aircraft’s hold, which is not the nicest experience for a dog.


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