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Dogs and Subways


Dogs and Subways: 

If you are in a training field you will have to set up a few different things. The ticket machine, the tickets, a place where people are “waiting” to get into the train, a train stop (this can be done with wood; the idea is for there to be something elevated off of the ground). The first dog trainer approaches in normal speed with his dog and gets a “ticket”. After this, he follows his route to the place where there are a lot of people waiting and there he runs into one of the train station workers whom he asks a question to. As the “train worker” starts talking to the dog trainer, the dog must remain seated next to his dog trainer with the leash on loose. The dog trainer will then look at a “clock” and realizes he has to hurry and runs with his dog by everyone. Since the train is about to get there, the people that are sitting in the waiting area get up as well and go toward the “train”. But the dog must continue following beside his dog trainer on a loose leash. As soon as the dog trainer and the dog get up on the “train”, the dog lies down or sits. And the practice ends.

Shopping with a dog: 

In a training field you will need to set up different things in different distances such as a bread store (you can use a bag with real bread in it), meat section (you can put some bacon in a bag for this), a shopping area, a place with children playing or eating, etc. The first dog has to lie in front of the bread store while the dog trainer goes “inside” and steps away from the dog. Then a person without a dog passes by the dog and then a dog trainer with a dog. By then the first dog trainer needs to come out of the bread store with a bag of bread in his hands and his dog needs to follow him. Then the first team goes by the meat store, in which there is a big piece of bacon. The dog needs to remain unmoving. This can continue on with many different types of occasions in which the dog must learn to keep himself together. If this type of practice were to not come out right, don’t add on more difficult things and think about taking out some of the complicated stuff.


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