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Dog’s arrival to the House


Keep in mind that a new puppy will probably be frightened coming into a new home and about everything that surrounds him; so let the dog run about freely through the house and garden (keeping an eye on him though) so that he becomes familiarized with his new surroundings. Remember also that it’s very important that a dog feel human contact because this will give the dog the security it had with its mother and siblings. It’s very important to not leave the new puppy alone for long periods of time: dogs are animals that in nature stick together in packs, and being alone for a long time can affect a dog and make him feel lonely. Make sure to not subject the dog to loud and bothersome noises and make sure that if you have children in your house you teach them to be loving, kind and gentle with the new puppy right away. Make sure that when talking to your new puppy, you talk to him in a soft tone.

Whenever picking the puppy up, hold him with one hand under his posterior extremities and the use the other hand to hold his chest. If you have a very small puppy (5 or 6 months), keep in mind that pooping accidents will happen sometimes. When this happens it’s not necessary to punish the dog or hit him because puppies at this age do cannot fully control themselves and reacting violently will just instill fear into the puppy, which will damage your future relationship with the dog. A puppy must be trained to behave correctly by getting trained. If you have other pets in your home, it’s very convenient to keep a close eye on them. Older dogs tend to get very impatient with smaller ones, especially males dogs. Actually, contrary to what most people believe, cats are actually more accepting of new puppies; a cat usually just tends to spend more time outside of the house until it is finally ready to accept the newcomer. Make sure to not take your new puppy outside of the house until it has adapted completely to his new family. Doing this will help the dog be more sociable with the people it meets outside of the home and more accepting of the exterior world. This happens because the dog has accepted that you (his owner) are in control of everything.


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