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Dog’s First Steps


Even before your young pup is old enough to go on a real walk you should allow him to become familiar with a leash. Simply put a very light collar and leash on him and let your puppy walk around in the yard while you watch him. Make sure to make these times fun and treat filled. You want him to relate his leash with good stuff and fun times. Once he has become accustomed to walking with the leash trailing behind him on the ground you can begin picking up the leash and walking with him. At this time it is not necessary to try and lead your dog, as the whole idea at this point is simply to get him accustomed to the idea of walking with a leash.
After having all its required vaccinations (see content on vaccinations) your dog will be ready to go on a “real” walk. Start in a location that is completely free from possible distractions and with the leash on your dog begin to walk. If your pooch begins to pull simply stop and until he stops pulling don’t move. When your dog stops pulling, immediately praise and treat him and begin walking again. This way your dog quickly learns that pulling gets him the opposite of what he wants and by following you he gets fun things and rewards. Continue with this exercise as long as necessary to teach your dog this fundamental of leash manners. The key to leash training is consistency and patience. Once a dog has learned his name, you can allow him to run about on his own. Call your dog, and if he comes, treat and praise him. As time goes on, reward your dog by praising and petting him instead of feeding him so many treats so that he does not associate his name with food.

Telling your dog to “come” means the dog needs to come close to the owner. And this is why it’s very important to not say the dogs name when you punishing him since you don’t want the dog to associate his name with a punishment.
It’s also important that when giving orders, to not forget that puppies often times get distracted easily or focused on something else. If the puppy does not obey you right away, be patient and try to find the causes of distraction.


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