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Dogs in public places


Some countries have laws about where dogs are allowed to circulate and where they aren’t allowed. There are certain determined places also where you can leave your dog chained up if you need to go inside a store etc.

Selling dogs: Any person that is interested in selling a pure bred dog must communicate this to the ID registration of animals to get the dog registered. There are certain breeds, particularly guard and defense dogs, that can only be sold by a person with the correct and legal licenses and if he or she is following all of the requirements the law demands. Pet stores that sell animals must also correctly notify all buyers of pure breeds and guard and defense dogs, to get the animal the proper identification according to the law of the country.

Walking your dog: If you live in the city, whenever taking your four legged friend out for a walk, you must take a small shovel, or a plastic bag with you to pick up the dogs poop. This rule applies to all public places such as parks, sidewalks, gardens, etc. If you need to go shopping, as you may know, most stores do not allow dogs to go inside, therefore the best option is take your dog home, don’t leave the dog outside waiting for you. This also obviously applies to situations in which you want to go out for dinner, to the movies, theater etc. If by any chance you cannot leave your dog alone in the house, ask a friend to stay home with the dog or puppy. No one can resist dog sitting.

Whenever you let your dog walk around the park or in a public area, make sure that the dogs presence does not frighten children or people that may be fearful of animals.


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