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Dogs with long hair


Dogs with long hair have a length of 10 centimeters all over their bodies. There are several different types of long hair, which can be categorized as the following:

  • Straight: Straight hair is long and soft to the touch. Dogs that have this type of hair are Yorkshires, and Maltese’s.
  • Wavy: This type of hair is curvy and looks like waves from the sea.
  • Curly: This type of hair curls over the dog’s coat shaped into rings such as poodles.
  • Silky: Consists of several hairs together forming knots around all over the dog’s body.

A dog’s first grooming: Daily grooming is something that should be done and taught as something normal starting from the age of a puppy. The idea is that the puppy gets used to getting groomed and clean. It’s rare that puppies enjoy their first grooming session. The first time it’s almost like a little war that goes on that will only be won if you remain patient and determined. After having gathered the indicated accessories for grooming your dog, make sure to have a small table available where you can place your dog as well as all the accessories so that you don’t have to bend your knees or back, and so that the dog is at your same height. Grooming, bathing and cleaning your dog might be a laborious job and it’s absolutely necessary that whoever is doing the job know the dog well and has full control over the animals every move and a good level of concentration in order to not hurt the dog. Keep in mind also that dogs are able to immediately perceive if the person handling them is nervous or uncertain, making it easy for the dog to rebel. If you intend to groom and clean your dog make sure you find a comfortable spot and to have all the accessories at hands reach. It’s very important the grooming is always done in the same place, for example, over a table or a chair etc, which will then let the dog know that this is a specific sign that you want him to behave and sit still until you are done. Remember that grooming and bathing is a time that allows a dog and his owner to bond more and it also helps to reinforce the trust the dog has in his owner and it allows the opportunity of understanding each other and accept the care and concern of their owners.


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