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English Bull Terrier Puppy Dog


In 1830, right in the middle of the dog and bull fights, the breeders decided to create a more agile dog than the Bulldog, which is why they crossbred it with the English Bull Terrier and some of the Spanish Hound. Some experts believe there have been crossbreeds with the Pointer Greyhound and Whippet. The white variety was got in 1850.

Their unique look; compact and muscular body made them into an original dog. Their ears where cut originally, but when it was forbidden in 1985 the dog lost popularity. Today straight ears have been produced naturally.

Character of the Bull Terrier: Modern breeders have tamed them to make them a good, faithful, educated and obedient dog; however they still have their strength and agility. Due to their great energy they need to be trained strictly since they are puppies. They love to play ball.

They have been used as sheepdogs, rodent hunters, guards and companions.

Characteristic of the Bull Terrier Puppy Dog

  • Size: 53 to 56 cm
  • Weight: 23 to 31 kg
  • Color: completely white, white with black or tan spots on the head, striped, blonde, black or tricolor
  • Coat: short, hard, straight and shiny.


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