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English Bulldog


Is one of the most valued domestic dogs, it has a very strong skull, and was on the border of becoming extinct.

Height, weight: its height is not certain (around 40 cm); weighs up to 25 kg. A “package full of strength”.

Fur, color: thick, short and fine. White, reddish, yellowish-red or yellow with stripes. Clarity is more important than the tone, but black is not acceptable, not even in spots.

Appropriate for: families with children, and that have a special taste. For individualists that accept the dog as an individual.

Not Appropriate for: people who love sports or people who want a completely obedient dog.

As a member of the family: calm, patient, barely ever gets nervous, and incorruptible. It has a threshold of high irritation.

Breed’s character: very stubborn, to the point that a strict training won’t get very far. Strong character and has more interest for its owners than for other dogs. But sad to say, it used to be trained for fighting against bulls, bears and badgers.

Common sicknesses: respiratory problems. Frequent caesarians, in the females. And is generally very robust.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years.


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