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English Sheepdog Dog Breed Information


Originally called “Old English Sheep dog” this dog was bred specifically to help with the herding of animals and as a watch dog to protect the animals under its care. Today the English Sheepdog is most commonly a companion dog that despite its incredibly shaggy coat does very well in living in the family home. They are obedient dogs that are affectionate and docile. The fact that they are so patient with children and are able to get along so well with other animals probably stems from their inborn instinctive “shepherding” nature.

Exercise: Lovers of fresh air and wide open spaces this breed needs access to a large yard or/and regular long and vigorous walks. If its exercise needs are not taken care of the English Sheepdog will quickly become restless and sensitive.

Specialized care: Its voluptuous coat needs regular and careful grooming in order to keep it soft and clean looking. It sometimes is born without a tail but otherwise the tail is docked after the puppy is one week old. The hair on the dog’s head is brushed forward over its eyes and the hair on the rest of the body is usually brushed in a way that gives the dog body a pear shaped look. It is important to regularly take care of this breed’s inner ears and to remove the hair that grows in between the toes on its paws.

Minimum height:

  • Male: 61 centimeters
  • Female: 56 centimeters

Appropriate for: This beautiful looking dog does well living in a family home and is wonderful with kids as long as it has all of its essential needs (most importantly its exercise needs) well taken care of. The English Sheepdog is one of the breeds most often used for children’s “Animal Therapy!” This breed gets along well with other animals and even though it is by nature a outdoors dog, the English Sheep dog does well even if it only has the floor to sleep on.


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